воскресенье, 25 января 2009 г.


Blizard is a great and genius company that produces great games. Its mmorpg World of Warcraft won the hearts and minds of 10 million players all over the world rapidly.

I myself spent about 3 years playing World of Warcraft and I don't regret. I got new friends, practiced my English and became a more culturally developed person myself. Also I learnt about the dangers of online mmorpgs. Nevertheless, I should thank Blizard for all of that.

You know what? If you really like World of Warcraft and other Blizard games you can apply for job at this company. Search Google for their official web site and apply for one of the jobs they propose. I heard of one of the gamers who wrote a big letter on 10 pages to them. In this letter he described World of Warcraft bugs which he had known. Finally they decided to invite him for work.

So why wait? If you really love this great Game - do not hesitate, go for it!
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