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How to get more gold in World of Warcraft

Would you like to learn how to get more gold in World of Warcraft? Let me tell you about some WoW gold tips that I found on my experience.

Playing World of Warcraft for the first time anyone of us comes one day to the point when we need an extra coin of gold either to buy a mount or to level up a profession. Not to say much about the auction house - new players see the range of rares and epics at AH and can go crazy because they want to get the item but they do not have money...

A sad situation. However I'm going to share with you my experience.

First of all keep in mind that you DO NOT need to be a high level player to become rich in WOW. All you have to do is to play the AH. Install Auctioneer addon. Make a list on a paper and track the prices on your server every day. At first ask people to give you 1 gold. The key here it to ask properly. Be polite. Do not be disappointed if they refuse. Somebody will definitely help. Collect for example 10 gold, buy some goods on AH, some cloth maybe and then

The second rule is that to get profit you must put the price for your goods A BIT lower than the maximum price at the moment. For example a stack of cloth was for sale 1g per stack yesterday. Having tracked the prices for a week or more you know that the average price is 1g 50s. So you bought everything for 1g yesterday. Today the lowest price on AH is 1g 70s. Put your stacks on AH (not ALL of them!) and set the price 1g 69s for example. Cloth sells fast. And you are going to get +69s on each stack of the cloth you bought for 1g

Ok, my wife needs the PC now so I'm going to tell you later how to earn some good cash when you are 64-70lv.

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How to level up fast in WoW

How to level up fast in World of Warcraft

Level Up Fast

- made EASY!

How to level up fast in World of Warcraft? That is the question. Have you ever wondered how people from your guild or just your friends level up so quickly? Any ideas? Do you think they pay money to some guys far away who offer their services online like "1-70 WOW leveling in a week, no risk"? Well, maybe, but not all the people do.

When I started playing World of Warcraft I was looking for ways to speed up my leveling process. All my guildies are of a higher level and wear cool garments, raid dungeons and stuff. And you have to spend long hours leveling up to reach them one day and to be invited to join a raid with them.

So now I would like to tell you about how you can speed up your leveling process.

First of all remember, that the main thing here is the reduction of downtime. And here are some tips that will help you to level up quicker:

1) Kill everything on your way

2) Get a bunch of quests in one place, then go and complete all of them, and only after all of them are completed go back to the quest givers for the rewards.

3) Use quickloot(Quickloot) and autosell addons (AutoProfit) (the quickloot addon opens the loot window right at the place where the mouse pointer on the screen is, and the autosell addon sells automatically all the grey items to a vendor on a single click)

U still don't know how to

level up fast

in World of Warcraft?

OK. If you want to level up fast as... use Jame's Leveling Guides. I've tested them and I must admit that they are great. My guildmates wondered how had I done that. And I just gave them this link .... Dugi's World Of Warcraft Guide

There are also some Horde leveling guides but you'd better ask Google, as I have never tested them myself.

Besides you might get interested in some other interesting posts of this blog, such as How to get your girlfriend to play WoW or in How to maximize my shadow pries DPS

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MMORPG make us crazy

Have you heard what crazy things people do for world of warcraft? Have you ever heard of a guy who bought a WOW toon on Ebay for 8000 Euro or smth? I was completely astonished when I heard that.

Well, nowadays world is going crazy. Things that have no value for one person are invaluable for another one. One girl even got laid for 5000g and an Epic Mount. My mind simply can't beleive that.

Besides, people who play a way too much simply can not realize that their reality has changed. They grab a knife, go in the street and stab a passer-by. In their mind at this very moment they are a Night Elf or an Orc slaying a mob or a boss with an epic dagger. I'm not kidding - just check the news reports.

The world of MMORPG is wonderful and amazing. It can easily take you away from real life. But be careful - you can lose your wife, children, work and life. What is more terryfying - you can lose yourself.

понедельник, 8 декабря 2008 г.

9 rogue tips which will help you to become more than an average rogue

Being a rogue in WOW is an amazing thing. I'm not a super crazy rogue who dominates battlegrounds but I have been a rogue for 3 years and I know what I'm talking about.

I have always loved to hide in shadows and track my prey in Stranglethorn Valley.
Once I started a hunter toon but I always missed the ability to move while being invisible.

OK here are some simple tips which I would give to people who start playing a rogue:

1) Learn how to use your abilities and master your timing.
2) Learn how to crowd control 2 or 3 enemies at once.
3) Get maximum from the addons.
4) Learn how to keep your opponent stunned non-stop when fighting.
5) When somebody is chasing you use Vanish or Stealth, then strafe 90 degrees left or right and watch your enemy passing by.
6) Use emotes while in Stealth mode to make your enemy nervous.
7) Make an auto Pickpocket macro - it will give you an extra dollar.
8) Always have a good stock of Vanish ingredient (60 or some) when leveling in a distant place. Share it with a fellow rogue if you meet him/her far from a city.
9) Learn how to assist MT in raids producing high DPS and holding your threat meter.

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A short story about Ironmonkey


This is a short story I wrote under the impression of my brief meeting with Ironmonkey - a rogue of guild from Khadgar EU (World of Warcraft). Feel free to give me your feedback. =)

He had one of two legendary Warglaives of Azzinoth and he was desperately eager to get the other one. During the breaks between fights with the Horde and demons of the Outland, he was cutting gems in one of trade districts in Stormwind. There were a lot of legends about him, and at least half of them were real events in his biography in this full of dissension, but at the same time a mysterious world. Every Alliance guild strived to get him into its ranks. He persistently stayed neutral, helping one or another of them in raids or battles.

His name was Ironmonkey.

In times of his youth he did various things just for fun. As the time passed, many of them became feats, on people’s lips. One day he stepped out from the shadows near Ogrimmar, one of the Horde capitals. It was the moment when about two dozens of orcs and taurens celebrated there some event. Not giving them a single second to realize what was going on he sapped one of them, threw a fistful of blind dust in the eyes of another, and drove one of his azure daggers into the back of the third. Astonished with such impertinence, half-drunk orcs and taurens stunned for a moment in numbness. A few moments later, growling and cursing, with scum on their mouths they rushed to get Ironmonkey. But he had already been riding away on the bottom of a nearby ravine sitting on the spine of his allegiant dark-black nightsaber.

He was 37.

One day he had to live for a few years among furbolgs. The tribe which gave him a shelter was constantly fighting with other tribes of Hundred Spears Forest. In one of the battles, Ironmonkey revealed such agility, wit and firmness of his character that when he came back home with the trophies, the forest village shaman conducted a ritual and called him a new name – a more suitable one for his essence.

I had an opportunity to meet with him a few days ago, on one of the mountainous trails of the Outland. My eye caught the ominous sheen on his legendary weapon. It craved for meeting with its confere. Its master was tightening it in his firm hand watching the sunset play on its blade. He had to go through the gates before the sun would go down. The time was running out.

Ironmonkey headed to the Black Temple.

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WoW Gold Farm - 700+ gold per hour

A nice video telling you how to become rich in World of Warcraft disenchanting netherweave bracers.

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