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Shadow priest DPS

Shadow Priest DPS

Today I was looking for any ways to maximize my shadow priest DPS. I found a wonderful forum post by griemak at www.shadowpriest.com. I think these things are extremely important for any shadow priest who has decided to become the best damage dealer ever. I allowed myself to simplify this guide a bit.

Shadow Priest DPS Guide

List of abbreviations:

VT – Vampiric Touch
DP – Devouring Plague
MB – Mind Blast
MF – Mind Flay
SW:P – Shadow Word: Pain
SW:D – Shadow Word: Death
MB – Mind Blast

First things to know:

1) Download a DOT timer addon to see the expiration time of your DOTs. It should be able to show tenths of a second.
2) Download a cast bar that shows estimated latency within the cast. I use Quartz.
4) Download an addond that reminds you to cast Inner Fire every time it expires.
3) Remember, as soon as one cast finishes you should land another one on your target. NEVER, EVER, EVER clip your VT and DP. This lowers DPS substantially.
4) At the same time try to reduce your downtime to zero.

There is a so called “opener” and a “rotation sequence”.

Your opener should be as follows: VT-DP-MB-MF-SW:P-SW:D-MB

Cast it only once, at the beginning of the fight.

Then do the following:

1. Refresh VT when approximately 1-1.3 seconds are remaining till it expires.
2. Refresh DP after it expires, not before.
3. If MB is ready – cast MB, if not cast MF.

So your rotation sequence should look like: VT-DP-MB-MF-SW:P

Use your Shadowfiend on cooldown, i.e. as soon as it’s ready, don’t wait.

Use a Wild Magic with Bloodlust or Heroism buffs.

Use Dispersion if you have to reduce your DPS because of some obstacles, like changing your fight position. I also save it till I’ve almost out of mana and as an "oh shit" button.

Though Inner Fire is often underestimated, it will raise your shadow priest DPS significantly.

Flask of the Frost Wyrm, Fish Feast, Shoveltusk, or it's fish equivalent should be up at all times.

Buffs you want:


30% Inc. Cast Speed

5% Inc. Haste
Wrath of Air Totem

5% Inc. Crit
Elemental Oath

Inc. Spell Power
280 - Totem of Wrath
144 - Flametongue Totem


3% Inc. Damage
Sanctified Retribution

3% Inc. Haste
Swift Retribution


3% Inc. Damage
Ferocious Inspiration - BM Hunter


3% Inc. Haste
Improved Moonkin

5% Inc. Crit
Moonkin Aura


Inc. Spell Power
10% - Demonic Pact

I hope you liked this great manual on how to raise your overall

shadow priest DPS

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Feel free to leave your comments.

Shadow priest DPS guide

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