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How to get your girlfriend to play WoW

How to get your girlfriend to play wow
There are a lot of girls playing. Everybody must have heard about a girl playing a druid named Hafu who beat everybody in the Arena and made it to the top of the whole world gladiators' list in March, 2008.

How to get your girlfriend to play WoW


So you would like to know how to get your girlfriend to play WoW with you. That's great, because I know some tips that will help you.
So what should we do?

Ok, my friend. Fasten your seat belt, cause here are some best advice that I found in the Internet, on

how to get your girlfriend to play World of Warcraft


1. Don't force your girlfriend to play WoW - use other methods.

2. Don't be rude with her (never use curse words, hit the keyboard etc etc).

3. Play in the same party/guild. Use team work and cooperation. Ask your girlfriend to help you with the game. Help her.

4. Buy your girlfriend some cool looking gear or dresses. Send her something by the in-game mail.

5. Have her use a 10 day trial with no obligation to continue if she doesn't like it.

6. Offer your girlfriend to start an alliance toon. They're prettier. (A Blood Elf will be OK too however)

7.Make a compromise. Promise her to do something she wants you to do if she tries WOW.

8. Use dances and emotes and other aspects of social life to interest her.

9. If she likes chatting then compare playing WOW with it: “It’s just like chatting on Yahoo Messenger, only with a character in front of you.”

10. Be patient. We all were noobs. =)

And that's not all - here we have got a nice video which I found on YouTube in which a girl gives some useful tips on how to make your girl (or wife) become a gamer:

how to get your girlfriend to play WoW

If you have alreagy learned how to get your girl to play WOW with you then it's just awesome! I invite you to share your personal techniques in the comments.

PS and here you can find some useful tips and free guides on how to level up fast in WOW.