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Power Leveling Tips

power leveling

Power Leveling Tips

Every WoW player knows that power leveling in World of Warcraft is not that simple. There are countless levels, numerous enemies to fight off, and a great deal of strategy involved in this highly addictive masterpiece online game. One of the main goals for gamers is to advance quickly through each level. To help you do so, here are some answers to questions about power leveling in World of Warcraft.

Q. How can I level up faster in World of Warcraft?
A. First thing I recommend you to do is to get one of the many WoW leveling guides that fill the internet. For example a copy of Brian Kopp Alliance Guide. This one includes the in-game add-on that helps you avoid alt-tabbing during the game. This will help you to eliminate a great deal of wasted time.

Q. What's the best guide on the market?
A. It’s very hard to to pinpoint a single guide as there are so many to choose from and everyone of us has a personal style of gameplay. Some of the more popular guides you can look at are Brian Kopp for alliance players, Joana for the horde and Zygor for Dugi. However, it is best to look at a few and see what catches your attention.

Q. Can macros help me to level up faster?
A. Macro commands or macros can greatly help you because they save your time and speed up the power leveling process. A macro is grouping of several slash commands that execute together when you click a button. A macro may also refer to some programmed keystrokes and/or mouse movements to fight or repeat some action. Learn how to use them as soon as possible. Read about macro commands here.

Q. What is a Quest Helper addon. Is it really helpful for power leveling?
A. If you have just begun playing World of Warcarft game, you may be clueless as to what a Quest Helper is. However, this is one term you are going to want to become familiar with fairly fast. QuestHelper is a free in game add-on that you can download and it is extremely invaluable. I always use it myself. It shows an arrow that tells you where to go for the next quest and where the quest givers are. It really helps you to identify your next move.

Q. What are Coordinates?
A. Coordinates are the exact place where something is located in your map. It does not matter what the item is as this feature will tell you the exact location of this as well. It does require an add-on that you have to download, but you can do it easily on the internet. Life in World of Warcraft is practically impossible without Coordinates =)))

Power Leveling means leveling up as fast as possible. You need to squeeze everything possible out of the game means for that.

I hope that these power leveling tips have been useful to you. You might be also interested in increasing your shadow priest DPS or find out how to get your girlfriend to play World of Warcraft.

Power Leveling Tips

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