среда, 10 декабря 2008 г.

MMORPG make us crazy

Have you heard what crazy things people do for world of warcraft? Have you ever heard of a guy who bought a WOW toon on Ebay for 8000 Euro or smth? I was completely astonished when I heard that.

Well, nowadays world is going crazy. Things that have no value for one person are invaluable for another one. One girl even got laid for 5000g and an Epic Mount. My mind simply can't beleive that.

Besides, people who play a way too much simply can not realize that their reality has changed. They grab a knife, go in the street and stab a passer-by. In their mind at this very moment they are a Night Elf or an Orc slaying a mob or a boss with an epic dagger. I'm not kidding - just check the news reports.

The world of MMORPG is wonderful and amazing. It can easily take you away from real life. But be careful - you can lose your wife, children, work and life. What is more terryfying - you can lose yourself.

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