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World of Warcraft: WoW Human Priest

World of Warcraft: WoW Human Priest

Two days ago I decided to become a wow human priest.

I used to be a rogue at Khadgar, EU and had honour to be a part of famous Synergy guild.
There I practised my rogue skills and stabbed my Horde foes from behind.
I've played for 2 years and then I quit, although I still have my account.

So two days ago I decided to start a wow human priest toon.
His name is Maleek and he is 14lv at the moment. I like to help people and I think it's great to be helpful. For example I always use Power Word: Fortitude on people who are just passing by.
Who knows, maybe in a second they will face with Horde or whatever...

What concerns grinding and leveling I prefer keeping Power Word: Fortitude and Inner Fire all the time.

When attacking mobs I use Smite and Mind Blast.

Moreover, priest are always in demand, when there is a party or a raid. This was another reason why I chose this class.

Well, I'll continue to level up and inform you of my personal experience as a World of Warcraft priest later.

See ya!

PS I wrote this post about my wow human priest toon long ago. After that I have leveled it up till 80, explored Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King and took part in a number of battles. We cleared up Karazhan using Skype, floor by floor, boss by boss. Then we went to SSC. I have been constantly improving my play style; read priest guides, updated addons, improved my shadow priest dps... I've become our number one raid healer and the highest reward for my efforts was when one day one of our guild members told me that a friend of his was watching one of our raids and couldn't understand, how I managed to heal so fast and so effectively...
We have had a lot of adventures since then. But that is another story, waiting for its hour to be told. )))

PS You can learn how to level up faster in WOW or how to get your girlfriend to play WOW.

World of Warcraft: WoW Human Priest

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